Shooting at the 1920 Summer Olympics – Men's 50 metre team pistol

The men's 50 metre team pistol was a shooting sports event held as part of the Shooting at the 1920 Summer Olympics programme. It was the fourth and last appearance of the event. The competition was held on 2 August 1920. 65 shooters from 13 nations competed.[1] The event was won by the United States, the nation's third consecutive victory in the event. Alfred Lane returned from the 1912 team, making him the second (and last) person to earn multiple medals, and multiple gold medals, in the men's team pistol. Sweden also repeated as silver medalists. Bronze went to Brazil, in that nation's debut in the event.

Men's 50 metre team free pistol
at the Games of the VII Olympiad
1912 Alfred Lane.JPG
Two-time gold medalist Alfred Lane (1912)
VenueBeverloo Camp
Date2 August
Competitors65 from 13 nations
Winning score2372
1st place, gold medalist(s)  United States
2nd place, silver medalist(s)  Sweden
3rd place, bronze medalist(s)  Brazil
← 1912

About a quarter of the way through the competition, it was discovered that two of the teams were shooting from the wrong distances. Brazil was shooting from 45 metres, while the United States was at 54 metres. Both teams restarted; the United States was given the option of keeping the scores from the longer distance, but declined. The American scores for the reshoot were actually lower, likely a result of increased wind, but the United States still won comfortably.[2]


This was the fourth and final appearance of a team version of what would become (for individuals) standardised as the men's ISSF 50 meter pistol event. The team event was held 4 times, at every Summer Olympics from 1900 to 1920 (except 1904, when no shooting events were held).[3][2]

Brazil, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Finland, Italy, and Spain each made their debut in the event. Belgium, France, Greece, the Netherlands, Sweden, and the United States all made their third appearance; no nation had appeared all four times the event was held.

Competition formatEdit

The competition had each shooter fire 60 shots, in 10 series of 6 shots each, at a distance of 50 metres. The target was round, 50 centimetres in diameter, with 10 scoring rings. Scoring for each shot was up to 10 points, in increments of 1 point. The maximum individual score possible was 600 points. The team score was the sum of the five shooters' individual scores, with a maximum of 3000 points. Shooters who had competed in the team event could use their team score in the individual competition.[2]

Pistols with hairspring triggers, allowed in the world championship, continued to be banned.


Date Time Round
Monday, 2 August 1920 8:00 Final


The scores of the five shooters on each team were summed to give a team score. The maximum score was 3000.

Rank Nation Shooter Score
    United States (USA) United States total 2372
Karl Frederick 496
Alfred Lane 481
James H. Snook 471
Michael Kelly 468
Raymond Bracken 456
    Sweden (SWE) Sweden total 2289
Anders Andersson 467
Casimir Reuterskiöld 464
Gunnar Gabrielsson 460
Sigvard Hultcrantz 450
Anders Johnson 448
    Brazil (BRA) Brazil total 2264
Afrânio da Costa 489
Guilherme Paraense 456
Sebastião Wolf 454
Dario Barbosa 441
Fernando Soledade 424
4   Greece (GRE) Greece total 2240
Iason Sappas 464
Ioannis Theofilakis 462
Alexandros Theofilakis
Georgios Moraitinis
Alexandros Vrasivanopoulos
5   Belgium (BEL) Belgium total 2229
Paul Van Asbroeck 466
Conrad Adriaenssens
Arthur Balbaert
Joseph Haesaerts
François Heyens
6   France (FRA) France total 2225
Joseph Pecchia
Jules Maujean
Léon Johnson
Émile Boitout
André Regaud
7   Italy (ITA) Italy total 2224
Ricardo Ticchi
Alfredo Galli
Roberto Preda
Giancarlo Boriani
Raffaele Frasca
8   Denmark (DEN) Denmark total 2159
Niels Larsen 470
Lars Jørgen Madsen 450
Otto Plantener 419
Carl Pedersen 413
Christian Andersen 407
9   Switzerland (SUI) Switzerland total 2136
Fritz Zulauf 436
Domenico Giambonini 432
Hans Egli 427
Gustave Amoudruz 426
Bernard Siegenthaler 415
10   Netherlands (NED) Netherlands total 2123
Gerard van den Bergh 445
Antonius Bouwens 444
Klaas Woldendorp 443
Cornelis van Altenburg 397
Herman Bouwens 394
11   Finland (FIN) Finland total 2052
Kalle Lappalainen
Vilho Vauhkonen
Robert Tikkanen
Nestori Toivonen
Yrjö Kolho
12   Spain (ESP) Spain total 2010
José Bento
Luis Calvet
Antonio Bonilla
José María Miró
Antonio Vázquez
  Czechoslovakia (TCH) Czechoslovakia total DNF
František Procházka
Josef Štojdl
František Bláha
Antonín Brych
Václav Kindl


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