Shelly Beach (Cronulla)

Shelly Beach is a beach on Bate Bay in Cronulla, New South Wales, Australia.[1] Shelly Park sits behind the beach. Shelly Pavilion is located between the beach and the park.

Shelly Beach
Shelly Beach Cronulla 2.JPG
View of Shelly Beach looking east towards Bate Bay
LocationCronulla, New South Wales, Australia
Coordinates34°03′51″S 151°09′20″E / 34.06417°S 151.15556°E / -34.06417; 151.15556
Length40 m
Hazard rating3/10 (least hazardous)
  • Ewos Parade (road)
  • The Esplande (foot)


The name Shelly Beach is derived from the sea shells in the area.


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