Shell Turbo Chargers

The Shell Turbo Chargers were a Philippine Basketball Association team from 1985 to 2005. It won four PBA championships, two from 1998-1999. Shell sold its franchise to PBL team Welcoat Paints in February 2006.

Shell Turbo Chargers
Shell Turbo Chargers logo
HistoryShell Azodrin Bugbusters (1985–1986)
Shell Oilers (1986)
Shell Helix Oilers (1986, 1988, 1993–1994)
Formula Shell Spark Aiders (1986–1987)
Shell Azocord Super Bugbusters (1987)
Shell Rimula X Diesel Oilers (1988)
Formula Shell Zoom Masters (1989–1990, 1995–1999)
Shell Rimula X (1990–1993, 1994–1995)
Formula Shell Gas Kings (1995)
Shell Velocity (1999–2000)
Shell Turbo Chargers (2000–2005)
Team colorsBlue, Red, Silver, Green, Yellow, Purple, & White
CompanyPilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation
Head coachFreddie Webb, Ed Ocampo, Joe Lipa, Dante Silverio, Arlene Rodriguez, Rino Salazar, Chito Narvasa, Perry Ronquilio, John Moran, Leo Austria, Bobby Parks
OwnershipPilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation
Championships4 championships

1990 First Conference
1992 First Conference
1998 Governors'
1999 All-Filipino

9 Finals Appearances
Retired numbers1 (14)
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Light uniform jersey
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Team colours
Light uniform
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Dark uniform jersey
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Team colours
Dark uniform
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Alternate jersey
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Team colours

Aside from being known as the Turbo Chargers, Shell was also known as Shell Azodrin Bugbusters, Shell Azocord Super Bugbusters, Shell Oilers, Shell Rimula X, Formula Shell Zoom Masters, Shell Helix Oilers and Shell Velocity.


Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation acquired the franchise of the famed Crispa Redmanizers in 1985 for a reported sum of two million pesos. In its debut season, the team was known as Shell Azodrin Bugbusters under head coach Freddie Webb, with several Crispa players, namely, Philip Cezar and Bernie Fabiosa, in addition to a former Crispa Redmanizer William Bogs Adornado from Great Taste and Rey Lazaro from Yco-Tanduay. Shell got its first All Filipino finals berth against Great Taste when they defeated Ginebra in a rubber match.

The following season in 1986, Shell carried the name Pilipinas Shell Oilers, Shell Helix and Formula Shell Spark Aiders, respectively, with Olympian Ed Ocampo taking over from Freddie Webb, who resigned as Shell coach midway in the semifinals of the first conference. Shell remained a hard-luck team with national coach Joe Lipa, becoming Shell's third coach in 1987 3rd conference, as the team was now known as Shell Azocord Super Bugbusters.

The team's rise to fame came during the late-1980s when they were bannered by two U.P. Diliman standouts Ronnie Magsanoc and Benjie Paras to solidify Shell as one of the more popular teams in the pro league. Former Toyota mentor Dante Silverio was also responsible for transforming Shell to a championship-caliber ballclub.

Paras is also the only PBA player to win the Rookie of the Year and the coveted Most Valuable Player plum in the same season when the center won it all in 1989.

In the 1990 PBA Open Conference, Shell won its first-ever PBA championship defeating crowd-favorite Añejo Rhum 4-2. But the series was marred by Añejo's infamous walkout in the sixth and final game of the series to award the Shell the win in Game six and the series clincher.

At that time, Shell was reinforced by import Bobby Parks, who holds seven Best Import Awards in his PBA career, most of them with the Shell franchise.

A year later, Shell suffered one of the biggest collapses in PBA finals history during the 1991 PBA First Conference, when they blew a 3-1 series lead in the series eventually losing to Ginebra in seven games on a Rudy Distrito game-winner.

Shell won the 1992 PBA First Conference crown but waited six years before winning another PBA crown, by capturing the 1998 Governor's Cup. They defeated Mobiline Phone Pals in seven games.

Their final championship came during the 1999 PBA All-Filipino Conference defeating heavy favorite Tanduay Rhum in six games. Shell was bannered by Paras, Gerry Esplana, Victor Pablo, Chris Jackson and Noy Castillo as one of their primary players under head coach Perry Ronquilio.

1999 also became a banner year for Paras, who won his second Most Valuable Player award in his career, despite the arrival of several talented Filipino-foreigner players during the same season. However, injuries in the next three seasons forced Paras to retire after the 2003 season.

Shell suffered several slumps in the next four seasons (2000-2003) before resurfacing during the 2004-2005 season as one of the contenders for the PBA crown. Under head coach Leo Austria (who won the Rookie of the Year honors in 1985 as a player for Shell), the Turbo Chargers placed fourth in the PBA Philippine Cup and third in the season-ending 2005 PBA Fiesta Conference.


During the 2004-05 PBA season, Shell was rumored to be disbanding after the season because its mother company, Royal Dutch Shell in the Netherlands believed it was no longer feasible to continue maintaining its PBA team.

It was believed that port company Harbour Centre was planning to purchase the rights of the Shell franchise. However, both parties did not come into an agreement as Harbour Centre was offering less than what Shell wanted. On August 3, 2005, Shell announced that it was taking a leave of absence from the league. Before the announcement, Shell traded away most of its players. Tony Dela Cruz and Rich Alvarez were dealt to the Alaska Aces while Ronald Tubid was sent to the Air21 Express. The remaining members of the team were selected through the dispersal draft.

Shell was given a six-month deadline for the team to either return to the league in the next PBA season or sell the team to a prospective buyer. On January 2006, PBL powerhouse Welcoat Paints acquired the franchise for and entered the league in the 2006-07 PBA season

Season-by-season recordsEdit


Three-conference eraEdit

Season Conference Team name Overall record Finals
W L %
1985 Open Conference Shell Azodrin Bugbusters 16 32 .333
All-Filipino Conference Great Taste 3, Shell 1
Reinforced Conference
1986 Reinforced Conference Shell Helix / Formula Shell 20 32 .385
All-Filipino Conference
Open Conference
1987 Open Conference Formula Shell / Shell Azocord 18 36 .333
All-Filipino Conference
Reinforced Conference
1988 Open Conference Shell Helix / Shell Rimula X 16 29 .356
All-Filipino Conference
Reinforced Conference San Miguel 4, Shell 1
1989 Open Conference Formula Shell Zoom Masters 27 30 .474 San Miguel 4, Shell 1
All-Filipino Conference
Reinforced Conference
1990 First Conference 35 21 .625 Shell 4, Añejo 2
All-Filipino Conference
Third Conference
1991 First Conference Shell Rimula X 23 25 .479 Ginebra 4, Shell 3
All-Filipino Conference
Third Conference
1992 First Conference 27 27 .500 Shell 4, San Miguel 1
All-Filipino Conference
Third Conference
1993 All-Filipino Cup Shell Helix 14 29 .326
Commissioner's Cup
Governors Cup
1994 All-Filipino Cup Shell Rimula X 20 30 .400
Commissioner's Cup
Governors Cup
1995 All-Filipino Cup Formula Shell Zoom Masters 20 34 .370
Commissioner's Cup
Governors Cup
1996 All-Filipino Cup 33 32 .508
Commissioner's Cup Alaska 4, Shell 3
Governors Cup
1997 All-Filipino Cup Formula Shell Zoom Masters 15 31 .326
Commissioner's Cup
Governors Cup
1998 All-Filipino Cup 31 30 .508
Commissioner's Cup
Centennial Cup Mobiline 1, Shell 0
Governors Cup Shell 4, Mobiline 3
1999 All-Filipino Cup Formula Shell / Shell Velocity 32 24 .571 Shell 4, Tanduay 2
Commissioner's Cup San Miguel 4, Shell 2
Governors Cup
2000 All-Filipino Cup 5 10 .375
Commissioner's Cup 3 6 .333
Governors Cup 1 8 .111
2001 All-Filipino Cup Shell Turbo Chargers 12 10 .545
Commissioner's Cup 3 7 .300
Governors Cup 10 9 .526
2002 Governors Cup 2 9 .273
Commissioner's Cup 4 7 .364
All-Filipino Cup 4 6 .400
2003 All-Filipino Cup 5 13 .277
Invitational Conference 2 2 .500
Reinforced Conference 3 10 .230
Overall record 401 530 .431 4 championships

Two-conference eraEdit

Season Conference Team name Elim./Clas. round Playoffs
Finish W L % Stage Results
(2004) Fiesta Conference Shell Turbo Chargers 8th 7 11 .389 Wildcard phase Red Bull 83, Shell 82
2004-05 Philippine Cup 3rd 12 6 .667 2nd-seed playoff
3rd-place playoff
Talk 'N Text 85, Shell 79
Shell 2, Purefoods 1
Talk 'N Text 3, Shell 0
San Miguel 105, Shell 100
Fiesta Conference 9th 7 11 .389 Wildcard phase
3rd-place playoff
Shell def. Sta. Lucia**, 84–75, 95–85
Shell 2, Purefoods 0
Talk 'N Text 3, Shell 1
Shell 102, Red Bull 86
Elimination round 26 28 .482 2 post-wildcard appearances
Playoffs 8 10 .444 0 championships

*one-game playoffs
**team had twice-to-beat advantage

Cumulative recordsEdit

Three-conference era (1985–2003) 401 530 .431
Two-conference era (2004–2005) 34 38 .472
Total 435 568 .434

Players of noteEdit

PBA 25 greatest playersEdit

  • William "Bogs" Adornado #33 - played for Shell in its inaugural year
  • Philip Cezar #18 - "The Sultan of Swat"/"The Scholar"/"Mr. Stretch"/"King Philip" played for Shell in its inaugural year
  • Bernie Fabiosa #15 - "The Sultan of Swipe"/"Fabulous" played for Shell in its inaugural year
  • Abet Guidaben #41 - final team he played before ending his PBA career
  • Freddie Hubalde #10 - played for Shell in 1989.
  • Ronnie Magsanoc #5 - "The Point Laureate"/"The Navigator" led Shell to two championships, many time All-Star and Mythical team selections
  • Benjie Paras #14 - "The Tower of Power" is a 2-time PBA MVP, only player to win the Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Player in the same season (1989)

Other notable playersEdit



General ManagersEdit

  • Ernesto Inocencio
  • Charlie Favis
  • Ramon (Mao) Vergel De Dios
  • Jimmy Ayson
  • Bobby Villarosa
  • Bobby Kanapi
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