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Major roads in the Gascoyne region of Western Australia

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Main Roads Western Australia controls the major roads in the state's Gascoyne region.[1] North West Coastal Highway, a north-south route near the coastline, is the main highway the region. A series of main roads connect coastal towns to the highway, and local roads provide additional links and access to the inland portion of the region. Roads are often named after the towns or areas they connect.[2][3]

North West Coastal Highway and the main roads in the region are important for multiple aspects of the Gascoyne's economy. These include industrial activities, particularly gold and salt mining; defence purposes; freight movement, including livestock, as there is no deep-water port in the region; and tourist traffic travelling to National Parks, such as Cape Range, Kennedy Range and Mount Augustus, and the World Heritage sites of the Shark Bay and the Ningaloo Marine Park.[4]

Burkett RoadEdit

Burkett Road
LocationExmouth Gulf
Length78.51 km[5] (48.78 mi)

Burkett Road is a main east-west road in Exmouth Gulf near the northern edge of the Gascoyne. It links North West Coastal Highway with Minilya–Exmouth Road.[2]

Coral Bay RoadEdit

Coral Bay Road
LocationLyndonCoral Bay
Length12.42 km[5] (7.72 mi)

Coral Bay Road is a main east-west road in the northern Gascoyne, connecting the coastal town of Coral Bay with Minilya–Exmouth Road in Lyndon.[2]

Minilya–Exmouth RoadEdit

Minilya–Exmouth Road
Length211.75 km[5] (131.58 mi)

Minilya–Exmouth Road,[1] also known as Minilya Exmouth Road,[2] is a major north-south road in the northern Gascoyne. From North West Coastal Highway at Minilya, it travels north to Exmouth, and is the main access road to the North West Cape.[2]

Monkey Mia RoadEdit

Monkey Mia Road
LocationDenhamMonkey Mia
Length25.34 km[5] (15.75 mi)
Route number  Shark Bay Tourist Way (Tourist Drive 353)

Monkey Mia Road is a main road across Shark Bay's Peron Peninsula in the Gascoyne. From Denham on the west coast of the peninsula, it travels north-east, through the Francois Peron National Park, to Monkey Mia on the east coast.[2] Monkey Mia road is part of the Shark Bay Tourist Way.[6]

North West Coastal HighwayEdit

North West Coastal Highway
(Gascoyne region)
LocationNerren NerrenExmouth Gulf
Length548.61 km[5] (340.89 mi)
Route number  National Route 1

North West Coastal Highway is the main north-south highway through the Gascoyne. It enters the southern edge of the region at Nerren Nerren, and travels north-west to Carnarvon. The highway continues north, parallel to but inland from the coastline, passing through Minilya. The highway leaves the Gascoyne at Exmouth Gulf, continuing north-east into the Pilbara region. The other major roads in the region are all connected to the highway, either directly or via another main road.[2]

Robinson StreetEdit

Robinson Street
Length5.09 km[5] (3.16 mi)

Robinson Street is a major urban road in the Gascoyne town of Carnarvon. From the centre of town, it travels north-east to North West Coastal Highway at a T junction. It is the western leg of the intersection, with North West Coastal Highway forming the southern leg (towards Geraldton) and the eastern leg (towards Karratha).[2]

Shark Bay RoadEdit

Shark Bay Road
LocationHamelin PoolDenham.
Length128.18 km[5] (79.65 mi)
Route number  Shark Bay Tourist Way (Tourist Drive 353)

Shark Bay Road is a main road in the Gascoyne, providing access to the Shark Bay area. From the Overlander Roadhouse on North West Coastal Highway in Hamelin Pool, it travels west and then north-west up the Peron Peninsula to Denham.[2] Shark Bay Road is part of the Shark Bay Tourist Way, and was previously named Denham Hamelin Road.[6]:34

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