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Shareblue Media, formerly known as Blue Nation Review or Shareblue, is an American progressive[3] news website owned by the journalist and political activist David Brock. Shareblue is within a consortium of political groups in Democratic strategist David Brock’s network that will raise a roughly $40 million budget to oppose President Donald Trump's policies.[4][5]

Shareblue Media
Shareblue Media logo.jpg
Type of site
News and opinion
Available in English
Owner True Blue Media, LLC[1]
CEO Katie Paris
Alexa rank 12,921
(Global October 2017)[2]
Commercial Yes
Launched 2014; 3 years ago (2014) (Originally Blue Nation Review)
Current status Active


History and activitiesEdit

Under its original name Blue Nation Review[6] the site published a report on the spending habits of former U.S. Representative Aaron Schock (R-Ill.), playing a role in his eventual resignation.[7][8]

In November 2015 the site was sold by Moko Social Media Limited, a multi-media platform developer, to Media Matters for America founder David Brock.[9] Brock terminated almost all of the previous staff and hired Peter Daou – a former Clinton Senate-staffer who worked for her 2008 Presidential campaign as a digital media strategist – to head True Blue Media, LLC and to write for the website. The website relaunched as Shareblue in September 2016[10]

Brock said that the main goal of the website was to get presidential candidate Hillary Clinton elected.[10] During the primaries, the website endorsed Hillary Clinton and was critical of Bernie Sanders, posting stories like "With Bernie Sanders As Their Nominee, Democrats Can Kiss The Presidency Goodbye" and "Why does Bernie Sanders keep denigrating Hillary’s supporters?" Tad Devine, a Sanders campaign consultant, called it “the pond scum of American politics.”[8] Nick Merrill, a spokesman for Mrs. Clinton, viewed Shareblue more as a necessary voice in a world teeming with conservative radio, television and internet outlets that fire up the Republican base.[11]

After Clinton won the primary Shareblue focused its attention on Donald Trump "exposing what it considers to be news coverage stacked against" Clinton. The group's major message was "that a shameful false equivalence was causing the media to soft-pedal Mr. Trump's many transgressions and overplay the few it could find on Mrs. Clinton."[10]


Brock formed a Delaware-based corporation, True Blue Media, LLC, to manage his ownership stake in the website. True Blue Media owns 80% of Blue Nation Review, with Moko Social Media retaining a 20% ownership stake.[9] Brock tapped journalist David Sirota to lead the company, which Brock intends to be "an answer to Breitbart on the left",[12] but Sirota later rescinded his acceptance citing doubts about the project's purpose.[13] Katie Paris is the current CEO of Shareblue Media.[14]


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