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Armenian group in Argentina playing Shalakho

Shalakho (Armenian: շալախո shalakho; Azerbaijani: Şələqoy; Georgian: შალახო shalakho or Georgian: კინტოური kintouri) is a popular dance of the Caucasus[1] of Azeri [2] and Armenian origin.[3][4] A time signature of the dance is 6
. The folk versions of the dance vary, depending on the region.[1]

In a broadly spread version, two men dance in order to win the favour of a woman. The dance can be performed by one or more dancers, men or women, in a free, Caucasian style of performance. Motions of women can be slow and lyrical. Music of the dance is rapid, which is reflected in the expansive and energetic motions of men.[1]

Composer Afrasiyab Badalbeyli used the melody of the dance in “The Maiden Tower” ballet composed by him.[5]


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