Shakujii River

The Shakujii River (石神井川, Shakujii-gawa) is a river which flows through the northwest quadrant of central Tokyo, Japan. It is one of the tributaries of the Arakawa River. With a total length of 25.2 kilometres (15.7 mi) and a drainage basin of 61.6 square kilometres (23.8 sq mi), it is categorized as a Class A river by the Japanese government.

Shakujii River
Shakujii River and Sakura 20100403.jpg
Shakujii River and cherry blossoms
Physical characteristics
 • locationKodaira, Tokyo
 • location
Sumida River, Kita-ku, Tokyo
Length25.2 km (15.7 mi)
Approximate course in Tokyo. The cities in Tokyo are shown to the left in pink, while the special wards of Tokyo are shown to the right in colour.

It springs up in Koganei Park in the district of Hana-koganei-minami-chō, in the city of Kodaira. It then flows in an easterly direction through the city of Nishitōkyō. Next, it continues through the special wards of Tokyo of Nerima-ku, Itabashi-ku and Kita-ku. At Horifune, Kita-ku, it empties into the Sumida River.


The Shakujii River has 66[1] bridges over its upstream portion. There are 62[2] over its middle basin. And there are 66[3] bridges over its downstream portion. This makes for a total of 194 bridges.

The famous wooden plank bridge for which Itabashi-ku is named crossed the Shakujii at Nakajuku [ja]. The bridge has now been replaced by a modern ferroconcrete one called Ita Bridge.


River source: 35°43′12″N 139°31′06″E / 35.719995°N 139.518224°E / 35.719995; 139.518224

Confluence with Sumida River: 35°45′28″N 139°44′52″E / 35.757889°N 139.747803°E / 35.757889; 139.747803



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