Shahrukh Bek

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Shahrukh Bey, later referred to as Shahrukh Khan was the leader of the Kokand Khanate and Uzbek Manghud tribe from c. 1709 to c. 1721 and alleged descendant of Babur though the legend of Altun Bishik. As the first ruler of the independent Kokand Khanate after separation from Bukhara, he ordered nobles to have a fortified castle constructed in the region. Before his death, reported to be around 1721[a] the new khanate acquired the cities of Margilan, Namagan, and Isfara in addition to the new capital Kokand.[1][2]

Shahrukh Bek
Khan of Kokand
Reignc. 1709 — 1722
SuccessorAbdul Rahim Bey
Bornc. 1680
Diedc. 1722
ReligionSunni Islam

His oldest son, Abdul Rahim, took over the Khanate after his death.[3]


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  1. ^ Some sources report his year of death to be 1722, not 1721.