Shah Ahmad Shafi

Shah Ahmad Shafi (Bengali: শাহ আহমদ শফী) (1916 – 18 September 2020) was a Bangladeshi Sunni Islamic scholar, the chief of Hefajat-e-Islam Bangladesh, Rector of Al-Jamiatul Ahlia Darul Ulum Moinul Islam Hathazari and also the chairman of Bangladesh Qawmi Madrasah Education Board.[1][2][3] He was born in 1916 (1334-35 AH) in Rangunia, Chittagong and was educated at Hathazari Madrasah and Darul Uloom Deoband.[4][5]

Shaikhul Hadith,

Shah Ahmad Shafi
Shah Ahmad Shafi.jpg
Amir of Hefazat-e-Islam Bangladesh
In office
January 2010 – 18 September 2020
Preceded byposition established
Succeeded byJunaid Babunagari
Died18 September 2020(2020-09-18) (aged 104)
CitizenshipBritish Indian (1916-1947)
Pakistani (1947-1971)
Bangladeshi (1971-2020)
EraModern era
Main interest(s)Hadith
Notable work(s)Establishing Hefazat-e-Islam Bangladesh
Alma materDarul Uloom Deoband
Muslim leader
Disciple ofHussain Ahmad Madani

Early lifeEdit

He was born in 1916 (1334-35 AH) in Rangunia, Chittagong. He received his primary education from his family.[citation needed] Then he joined Al-Jamiatul Arabiatul Islamiah.[6] He was admitted to Al-Jamiatul Ahlia Darul Ulum Moinul Islam in 1926 (1344-45 AH) at the age of 10. In Hathazari Madrasah he studied for 10 years. Then Shafi went to Darul Uloom Deoband for higher studies in the field of Hadith and Tafsir.[citation needed]

He was a renowned Islamic scholar in Bangladesh.He studied there for four years before returning to his homeland Bangladesh. During his study time at Darul Uloom Deoband he became close to Hussain Ahmed Madani and later he became his youngest official successor from Indian subcontinent. Ahmad Shafi was the leader of Hifazat-E-Islam Bangladesh, (a non-political Islamic organization).[citation needed]


Ahmad Shafi commenced his career as a teacher at Al-Jamiatul Ahlia Darul Ulum Moinul Islam Hathazari, Chittagong (Hathazari Madrasah). In 1986/1987 (1407 AH), he was elected rector (Head of the University Madrasah) of Hathazari Madrasah. Shafi was also the chairman of Bangladesh Qawmi Madrasah Education Board.[1]

Shah Ahmad Shafi was to continue to serve as the director general of Al-Jamiatul Ahlia Darul Ulum Moinul Islam, also known as Hathazari Madrasa, as decided by Majlis-e-Shura. "No one will be appointed as the acting rector of the madrasa as long as Shafi is alive," Press Secretary of the Hefazat chief, Munir Ahmed said.[7]


In 2009 (1430 AH), Ahmad Shafi, Azizul Haque, and other Bengali Muslim scholars, in a joint statement to the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wazed, condemned terrorism and militancy committed in the name of Islam.[8]


2013 commentsEdit

In 2013, a speech given by Ahmad Shafi at Hathazari, Chittagong was described as highly misogynist.[9] He reportedly said: "Why are you sending your daughters to work in garment factories?... She goes to work after Fajr at 7/8:00am and does not come back even at 8/10/12 at night... You do not know which man she is hanging out with. You do not know how much zina (fornication) she is getting involved in."[9]

The comments caused outrage among women's rights activists who demanded his imprisonment.[10] Sheikh Hasina, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh termed the statement "disgusting" and "distasteful".[11]

A Political Party Demand that a Relationship with Bangladesh Jamaat-e-IslamiEdit

Although the Awami League described him as a frontman for Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, analysts say this is highly unlikely as Ahmad Shafi belonged to a band of Islamists that unlike Jamaat, did not oppose the independence of Bangladesh, and supported a united India and rejected the creation of Pakistan in 1947.[5]

remarks on girls' educationEdit

In 2019 Ahmad Shafi again made a controversy telling against the girl's education in a religious gathering in Chittagong. He took a promise from the audience not to educate their girls above four or five grade.[12] Women Labor Leaders, National Domestic Women Workers Union, religious organization World Sunni Movement, etc. organizations condemned and protested against the remarks of Ahmad Shafi on girl's education.[13][14]


Drone shot of Ahmad Shafi's large congregatory funeral prayer in Chittagong.
Salat al-Janazah of Shah Ahmad Shafi

He was suffering from various complex diseases of old age including Diabetes and heart disease for years. On 17 September 2020 midnight, Shafi was brought by ambulance from Hathazari Madrasah to Chittagong Medical College Hospital (CMCH) as his physical condition deteriorated.[15] He was later admitted to the 6th bed of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) on the 3rd floor of the hospital as his pressure and pulse rate decreased.[16]

A medical board was formed on the morning of 18 September 2020, who suggested he should be moved to Dhaka for better treatment.[17] On the advice of doctors, the family members took him to Asgar Ali Hospital in Dhaka by air ambulance at 4.30 pm for better treatment. Hefazat-e-Islam Bangladesh leader Mufti Mohammad Faizullah confirmed that he died at 6pm on Friday.[18] He was 103–104 years old at the time of his death.



  • Faizu-l-Jaari (Explanation of Bukhari)
  • Al-Bayaanu-l-Fasil Baina-l-Haqqi wa-l-Baatil
  • Al-Hujaju-l-Qaatiah Li-daf-yin Nahjil Khatiah
  • Al-Khairu-l-Katheer Fee Usuli-t-Tafseer
  • Islam o Siyaasat
  • Izhar-e-Haqeeqat
  • Takfeer-e-Muslim
  • Chand Raoyejna
  • Fuyoozat-e-Ahmadiyah


  • Haq O Batiler Chiranton Dondo
  • Islami Ortho Bebostha
  • Islam O Rajniti
  • Sotter Dikhe Korun Ahoban
  • Sunnat O Bid'ater Sothik Porichoy
  • Mukhosh Ummochon
  • Qur'aan o Sunnat er Alokay Apnar Namaaj

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