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Shorin-ryu Shorinkan (小林流小林館, Shōrin-ryū Shōrinkan) is a branch of the Kobayashi Shorin-ryū style of Okinawan Karate, developed by Shūgorō Nakazato, Hanshi 10th Dan. Nakazato was a student of Choshin Chibana.[1] After Chibana's death in 1969, Nakazato assumed the title of Vice President of the Okinawa Shorin-Ryū Karate-do Association. In November 1975, Nakazato resigned from this association and formed the Okinawa Karate-do Shorin-Ryū Shorinkan Association.[2]

Shōrin-ryū Shōrinkan
Shorinkan logo
Shorinkan logo
Date founded 1975
Country of origin Japan Okinawa, Japan
Founder Shūgorō Nakazato
Arts taught Karate
Ancestor schools Kobayashi Shorin-ryū

In the United States the senior teachers are Noel Smith[3] (8th dan) and Eddie Bethea [4] who have been training under Shugoro Nakazato since the early 60's. In the early years 7 of Shugoro Nakazato black belts returned to the USA to spread Okinawan Shorin-ryu to the states, they are referred to as the Original 7.[5]


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