Seychelles People's Defence Force

The Seychelles People's Defence Force is the national military of Seychelles. It consists of a number of distinct branches: the Infantry Unit, Coast Guard, Air Force and a Presidential Protection Unit.

Seychelles People's Defence Force
Flag of the SPDF
MottoService before self
Service branches
WebsiteOfficial website
Commander-in-Chief & Minister of DefenceWavel Ramkalawan
Chief of Defence ForcesColonel Michael Rosette[1]
Military age18 years of age
Available for
military service
23,210 (2002 est.), age 15–49
Fit for
military service
11,560 (2002 est.), age 15–49
Active personnel650 (2012)
Budget€9.7 million (2012)
Percent of GDP1% (2012)
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History1981 Seychelles coup d'état attempt
RanksMilitary ranks of the Seychelles

Branches Edit

Coast Guard Edit

The Seychelles Coast Guard is the maritime arm of the Seychelles People's Defence Force.

Air Force Edit

The Seychelles Air Force was originally formed in 1978 as the Air Wing and has the following aircraft:[7]

Current inventory Edit

Aircraft Origin Type Variant In service Notes
Dornier 228 Germany SAR / utility 2[8] donated by India[9]
Harbin Y-12 China MEDEVAC / patrol 1[10]
DHC-6 Twin Otter Canada SAR / patrol 1[8] STOL capable aircraft

Presidential Security Unit (PSU) Edit

The Presidential Security Unit (PSU) was created in 1977 alongside the Infantry Unit to engage in protection duties for the President of Seychelles and his/her residence. It also provides support during transit, and social gatherings. Various instructors from foreign nations conduct training with the PSU. It is one of the most elite units in the SPDF. The PSU is located at State House and is administratively attached to the Special Forces Unit.[11]

Other components Edit

National Brass Band Edit

The National Brass Band is the official military band of the SPDF. Its origins date back to 1925 as the Brass Ensemble. It began when the Mariste Brothers of the Roman Catholic Mission training musicians to play the various instruments. The band was disbanded in 1943 as instruments were being delivered by the British Army. The band was reformed only to be disbanded after World War II, with its instruments being acquired by the Seychelles Scout Association. A new brass band known as LAFANSA came into being, with a police band also being augmented. With the establishment of the Conservatoire of Music and Dance in 1981, the Police Band was reorganised into the National Brass Band under the patronage of the Ministry of Education. Antoinc Azcmia became its first conductor, leading a unit which was from 1981 to 1996, a voluntary band (a unit in which musicians are employed on a part-time basis). Full-time musicians were recruited in 1996, and three years later, it was transferred to the Ministry of Defence and based at the Seychelles Defence Academy. Azcmia retired in 2001, being replaced by Thomas Busanya.[12]

Educational institutions Edit

Seychelles Defence Academy (SDA) Edit

The Seychelles Defence Academy (SDA) was established on 2 June 1990 by President France-Albert René. SDA is the premier training institute of the SPDF. The first training camp of the SDA is at Point Larue. The first training was conducted with the help of advisors from the Tanzania People's Defence Force as well as former British Army personnel. It was later decided to shift the camp to Perseverance Island.[13]

Military Training Centre (MTC) Edit

The Military Training Centre (MTC) is located at Barbarons on the West Coast of Mahe. It is tasked to train all new recruits who join SPDF. Recruits undertake 90 days of extensive training at the MTC that covers a variety of military/civil subjects. After graduation, the new privates are posted to their unit of choice.[14]

Defence Forces Day Edit

Defence Forces Day has been celebrated annually since 25 November 1982 to celebrate the victory of the SPDF over a group of foreign mercenaries who attacked the country in 1981.[15] A commemorative parade is held at a Coast Guard Base.[16]

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