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Sexual frustration or sexual starvation[1] in humans is frustration caused by a discrepancy between a person's desired and achieved sexual activity. It may result from a variety of circumstances including physical, mental, emotional, social, or religious/spiritual barriers. It may also derive from not being satisfied during sex, which may be due to issues such as anorgasmia, anaphrodisia, premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation,[2] erectile dysfunction[3][4] or an incompatibility or discrepancy in libido.[5]

Sexual frustration can result from an individual's lacking one or more of the organs needed for sexual release but still having one or more of the organs that cause a sex-drive. For males it could be that they have testicles and no penis; a male might be born without a penis (aphallia) or be born with one and have it removed (penis removal or penectomy). Men can still ejaculate via prostate stimulation in that case. For females they might not have a clitoris which causes sexual pleasure; a female might have had her clitoris involuntarily removed (female circumcision) or voluntarily removed as part of a medical procedure.

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