Seven Old Men and a Girl

Seven Old Men and a Girl (Russian: Семь стариков и одна девушка, romanizedSem starikov i odna devushka) is a 1968 Soviet comedy film directed by Yevgeny Karelov.[1][2]

Seven Old Men and a Girl
Seven Old Men and a Girl.jpg
Directed byYevgeny Karelov
Written byYevgeny Karelov
Albert Ivanov
CinematographySergei Zaitsev
Music byEvgeniy Ptichkin
Creative Group "Telefilm"
Release date
  • 1968 (1968)
Running time
78 minutes
CountrySoviet Union


Elena Velichko — a young graduate of the sports institute, is sent to work as a coach in a sports club. She is full of bright hopes. However, instead of promising athletes, she is given a "group of health" - six not very young men, who are neither healthy nor complaisant.

Elena tries in every possible way to get rid of her charges. She gives them some ridiculously light, sometimes overwhelming burdens, screams and is verbally rude, she tries to get herself fired, but this proves to be difficult: according to Soviet legislation, a young specialist can only be dismissed for a very serious offense.

Soon, a seventh student, Volodya Tyupin, joins the group of six "old men". He likes Elena and he wants her affection. Volodya in every possible way tries to help the girl realize her plan: to the best of his abilities, he breaks up the group from within and discredits the coach. But in fact, everything turns out the other way round: the "old people" become sincerely sympathetic for their instructor and try their best to be successful.

In the finals, all seven fall into an extreme situation (a collector is robbed before their eyes) and it turns out that the Lena's classes were not in vain - the "old people" have become not only physically strengthened, but have also united in a friendly team.



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