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2017 Sevastopol gubernatorial election

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Governor Election in Sevastopol were held on 10 September 2017. It will be the second election of the Governor of Sevastopol after the 2014 Russian annexation of Crimea, and it will be the first direct elections for Governor (last time the Governor was elected to the Legislative Assembly).

Sevastopol gubernatorial election, 2017

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  Dmitriy Ovsyannikov.jpg
Nominee Dmitry Ovsyannikov
Party United Russia
Popular vote 77,406
Percentage 71.05%

Acting Governor before election

Dmitry Ovsyannikov

Elected Governor

Dmitry Ovsyannikov



The previous Governor of Sevastopol Sergey Menyailo, who was appointed after the 2014 Russian annexation of Crimea, in the summer of 2016 was appointed representative of Russian President to the Siberian Federal District. The acting Governor was appointed Dmitry Ovsyannikov.

March 14, 2017, the Legislative Assembly of Sevastopol adopted the law on the introduction of direct elections of the Governor.[1]


Candidates on the ballot:[2]

Candidate Party Office
  Ivan Yermakov
Born 1947 (age 70)
Patriots of Russia Former Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Council of Crimea
  Ilya Zhuravlyov
Born 1971 (age 46)
Liberal Democratic Party Member of the Legislative Assembly of Sevastopol
  Roman Kiyashko
Born 1969 (age 48)
Communist Party of the Russian Federation[A 1] Assistant to the MP Dmitry Novikov
  Nikolay Kryazhev
Born 1962 (age 55)
Communist Party of Social Justice Deputy Director of CHU DPO "Training centre "Caucasus""
  Dmitry Ovsyannikov
Born 1977 (age 40)
United Russia[A 2] Incumbent acting Governor

Opinion pollsEdit

Date Poll source Dmitry Ovsyannikov Roman Kiyashko Ilya Zhuravlyov Ivan Yermakov Nikolay Kryazhev Other Undecided Abstention Spoil the Ballot
10-20 August WCIOM 53% 4% 4% 3% 0% 1% 24% 7% 2%


Candidate Party Votes %
Dmitry Ovsyannikov United Russia 77,406 71.05%%
Roman Kiyashko Communist Party of the Russian Federation 17,890 16.42%
Ilya Zhuravlyov Liberal Democratic Party 8,286 7.61%
Ivan Yermakov Patriots of Russia 2,323 2.13%
Nikolay Kryazhev Communist Party of Social Justice 546 0.50%
Invalid ballots 2,502 2.30%
Total 108,953 100%

Voter turnout (in the) election was 34%.[4]

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