Serra do Ramalho

The caves of the Serro da Ramalho karst area in the municipality of Serra do Ramalho, a municipality of the same name in southwestern Bahia State, Brazil, have been explored since the early 2000s. The several large cave systems present a great biospeleological potential. Newly discovered species include the first troglobitic Amblypygi recorded for Brazil, Charinus troglobius Baptista & Giupponi, 2003, an eyeless harvestman (Giupponia chagasi Pérez & Kury, 2002), an as yet undescribed genus of spiders (Ochyroceratidae), and a species of catfish (Rhamdia enfurnada Bichuette & Trajano, 2005).[1]


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Further readingEdit

  • XXVII Congresso Brasileiro de Espeleologia (2003): O potencial espeleológico da Serra do Ramalho. Sociedade Brasileira de Espeleologia. Abstract (in Portuguese)

Coordinates: 13°34′19″S 43°35′52″W / 13.5719°S 43.5978°W / -13.5719; -43.5978