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 Altar designed by Robert Potter. Tapestry designed by John Piper. Icon of St Richard (bottom right) Sergei Fyodorov.
Shrine of St Richard in Chichester Cathedral, with icon by Sergei Fyodorov (bottom right) .[1]

Sergei Fyodorov (Russian: Сергей Константинович Фёдоров, alternative English spelling Sergey Fedorov), born in Moscow, Russia in 1969, is a Russian icon painter.

Fyodorov studied in Moscow art school.[2] He worked at Danilov monastery together with father Zenon (Зинон or Теодор), the famous Russian icon painter.[2]

For many years he lived and worked in the UK. His major works in England include icons at Westminster Abbey, Winchester Cathedral also an icon for the shrine of Saint Richard at Chichester Cathedral and a fresco in Rochester Cathedral.[2][1]

Other works include iconostasis of Church of Christ's Ascension at Nikitskaya ("Smaller Ascension", Церковь "Малое Вознесение") and Russian Orthodox church in Bauska, Latvia.

Many of his works are in private chapels or private collections.


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