Serbian National Theatre

The Serbian National Theatre (Serbian: Српско народно позориште, Srpsko narodno pozorište), located in Novi Sad, is one of the major theatres of Serbia.

Serbian National Theatre
Српско народно позориште
Srpsko narodno pozorište
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The Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad
Serbian National Theatre is located in Novi Sad
Serbian National Theatre
Serbian National Theatre
Location within Novi Sad
AddressPozorišni Trg 1
LocationNovi Sad, Serbia
Coordinates45°15′18″N 19°50′35″E / 45.2549°N 19.8431°E / 45.2549; 19.8431
Opened28 July 1861; 161 years ago (1861-07-28)
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The current building of the theatre was opened in March 1981. The Serbian National Theatre was founded in 1861 during a conference of the Serbian National Theatre Society, composed of members of the Serbian Reading Room (Srpska čitaonica), held in Novi Sad. The first general manager of the Serbian National Theatre was Jovan Đorđević and the second was Dimitrije Mihailović. The founding fathers were: Dr. Jovan Andrejević-Joles, Svetozar Miletić, Stevan Branovački, Jovan Jovanović Zmaj, Jovan Đorđević, Dimitrije Ružić, Dimitrije Marković Kikinđanin, Nikola Nedeljković, Dimitrije Mihailović, Kosta Hadžić, Mihailo Gavrilović, Mihailo Racković, Mladen Cvijić, Stevan Čekić and Draginja Popović-Ružić.

An annual theatre festival Sterijino pozorje is held in Serbian National Theatre since 1956.


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