Sentenced for Life (1960 film)

Sentenced for Life is a low budget 1960 British crime film,[1][2] directed by Max Varnel and starring Basil Dignam, Jack Gwillim, Francis Matthews, and Jill Williams.

Sentenced for Life
"Sentenced for Life" (1960).jpg
British theatrical poster
Directed byMax Varnel
Produced byEdward J. Danziger
Harry Lee Danziger
Written byMark Grantham
Eldon Howard
StarringBasil Dignam
Jack Gwillim
Francis Matthews
Jill Williams
Music byTony Crombie
Albert Elms
CinematographyS.D. Onions
Distributed byUnited Artists Corporation (UK)
Release date
Running time
64 mins
CountryUnited Kingdom


Engineer John Richards is wrongly accused of selling secrets to enemy agents, and receives a life sentence in prison. Richards suspects his ex-partner Ralph Thompson is responsible for framing him, and asks his son, Jim, a law student, to investigate.


Critical receptionEdit

TV Guide called Sentenced for Life a "standard crime drama with a touch of espionage thrown in to spice up the incredibly bland stew",[3] while Britmovie noted "you’ll struggle to stay awake whilst Francis Matthews attempts to resolve a miscarriage of justice."[4]


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