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Sensear is a business in Belmont, Perth, Western Australia and Carpentersville, Illinois, USA, that makes and distributes hearing protection and communication equipment. The company's products are designed to protect hearing and allow normal communication.

How Sensear's SENS technology worksEdit

The Sensear earmuffs and earplugs developed by Sensear allow people to talk face to face and use mobile phone and/or two-way radio communication in high noise (above 95 dB(A)) environments while providing hearing protection. Sensear uses a patented software system called SENS Technology (Speech Enhancement Noise Suppression Technology) that actively ‘listens’ and seeks out human voices and actively suppresses background noise.[1] Each Sensear unit uses a series of directional microphones that process sound from all directions. A complex frequency algorithm determines which direction speech is coming from. Where speech is detected, ambient noise from other directions is suppressed while the speaker's voice is enhanced.[2] The processed sound is delivered in stereo to the wearer. This audio allows users to have face-to-face conversations in high noise environments up to 95 dB without removing their hearing protection, as well as providing 360 degree situational awareness (Directional - 3D sound), which allows the wearer to determine in which direction the voice or other audio (Noise) is coming from. Models are available with different communication options including two-way radio connection via cable and/or a Bluetooth capability so users can talk on the phone and/or two-way radio wirelessly without removing their hearing protection. Some models also have built in short range radio for headset-to-headset communication. Headset and earplug versions are available with varying intrinsically safe certifications including (ATEX, IECEx, UL, CSA, and TIA) for hearing protection and communication in high noise and hazardous environments.

Worldwide distributionEdit

The company has recently established distribution and marketing bases in Europe and the US. They supply to oil & gas, petrochemical, mining, energy, manufacturing, construction, transportation, military, law enforcement and entertainment industry customers. Customers include Alcoa, Boeing, Qantas, OneSteel and BHP Billiton.[3]


Sensear has won several industry awards including an Australian Design Award,[4] the DuPont Innovation Award[5] and two iAward's from the Australian Information Industry Association.[6]

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