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Senedjemib Mehi was a vizier from the fifth dynasty of Egypt. Senedjemib Mehi started out his career under Djedkare Isesi and eventually became vizier under Unas.[1]

Senedjemib Mehi
Mehi and his wife Khentkaus. With them are their children.
FatherSenedjemib Inti


Senedjemib Mehi held many titles, all recorded in his tomb, showing that he made a successful career:[2]

  • "Pillar of the knmt-folk"
  • "Favorite of the king" and "favorite of the king wherever he is"
  • "Overseer of the two workshops"
  • "Overseer of the two armories"
  • "Overseer of the two houses of gold"
  • "Overseer of (all) royal regalia"
  • "Overseer of scribes of royal records"
  • "Overseer of royal linen"
  • "Overseer of the two granaries"
  • "Overseer of all works of the king"
  • "Hereditary prince"
  • "Royal master builder in both houses" (i.e. in Upper and Lower Egypt)
  • "True count"
  • "Master of secrets of all commands of the king"
  • "Royal chamberlain"
  • "Sole friend" (i.e. of the king)
  • "Chief justice and vizier”


Senedjemib Mehi was the son of Senedjemib Inti and Tjefi. Mehi was married to Khentkaus, who was a King's daughter. She could be a daughter of Unas or possibly of Djedkare Isesi. They had at least three children:[3]

  • Senedjemib, named after his grandfather
  • Mehi, named after his father
  • Khentkaus, named after her mother


Senedjemib Mehi was buried in tomb G2378 in Giza West Field immediately next to the tomb of his father.


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