Sembilu is a 1994 Malaysian drama film directed by Dato' Yusof Haslam. The story concerns on a love story between a famous rock singer, Awie, with his lover Wati which is opposed by Wati's brother.

Directed byDato' Yusof Haslam
Produced byDato' Yusof Haslam
Written byDato' Yusof Haslam
Erra Fazira
Ziana Zain
Mustapha Kamal
Khairil Anwar
Noraini Hashim
Aida Rahim
Alice Voon
Roy Azman
Edited bySalehan Samsuddin
Distributed bySkop Productions Sdn. Bhd.
Release date
  • 18 August 1994 (1994-08-18)
Running time
109 minutes
Box officeRM 4.2 million


Wati, a lovely undergraduate was courting Awie, the famous rock star. They were childhood sweethearts with their parents' blessings. Their relationship was well accepted, except for one person, Azman who is Wati's brother. Azman, with a history of his wife, Maria leaving him for a singer, was against all artistes. Maria later died in a tragic accident and Azman was outraged. Ziana, a nightclub singer had fallen for Awie and tried to lure him. However, the relationship between Wati and Awie remained strong when Awie sang 'Di Ambang Wati' as a symbol of their love. On the other hand, Azman was still trying to break up the pair. When Awie was in misery, Ziana took advantage of seducing Awie. Awie finally fell for Ziana's lust. Knowing this, Wati felt that she was cheated and wanted to call it quits. Nevertheless, the fling between Awie and Ziana did not go far when he realised that his heart was still with Wati..



The film was released on 18 August 1994 and became a commercial success that it grossed RM4.2 million. Despite film's box office release, this film also received negative review from critics. This film earn 0 star of 5 from PerangFilem.


12th Malaysian Film Festival, 1995

  • Best Supporting Actor - Mustapha Kamal (Won)

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