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The Selvagem Grande Island (lit. Big Wild/Savage Island) is part of the Savage Islands, which themselves are part of the Portuguese Madeira archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Selvagem Grande Island
Foto Selvagem Grande.jpg
View of Selvagem Grande
LocationAtlantic Ocean
Coordinates30°09′N 15°52′W / 30.150°N 15.867°W / 30.150; -15.867Coordinates: 30°09′N 15°52′W / 30.150°N 15.867°W / 30.150; -15.867
ArchipelagoSavage Islands
Highest pointPico da Atalaia
Autonomous RegionMadeira Islands

The island (size: 2 x 1.7 km) belongs to the Northeast Group of the Savage Islands, which comprises in addition three islets: Sinho Islet (Portuguese: Ilhéu Sinho, diminutive of , "lonely",[1] maybe a pun on the same pronounced Ilheucinho, "Little Islet"), Palheiro do Mar, and Palheiro de Terra.

Reference points in the island include Atalaia, Leste and Inferno. The peaks include Atalaia, Tornozelos and Inferno. The highest point is 138 m according to Google Earth imagery. The island has two inhabitants, a guard of the Nature Reserve,[citation needed] and a Portuguese biologist studying the bird Cory's shearwater (Calonectris borealis), cagarra in Portuguese.

The island has a lighthouse, which is automated.[2]