Selvagem Grande Island

Selvagem Grande Island is part of the Savage Islands archipelago, which themselves are part of the Portuguese Autonomous Region of Madeira in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Selvagem Grande Island
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View of Selvagem Grande
Selvagem Grande location map.svg
LocationAtlantic Ocean
Coordinates30°08′51″N 15°51′54″W / 30.14750°N 15.86500°W / 30.14750; -15.86500Coordinates: 30°08′51″N 15°51′54″W / 30.14750°N 15.86500°W / 30.14750; -15.86500
ArchipelagoSavage Islands
Highest elevation163 m (535 ft)
Highest pointPico da Atalaia
Autonomous RegionMadeira Islands
Populationno permanent residents (2+ rangers and research personnel)

The island (2,000 by 1,700 metres (6,600 ft × 5,600 ft)) belongs to the northeast group of the Savage Islands, which comprises in addition three islets: Sinho Islet, Palheiro de Terra and Palheiro do Mar.[1]

It is generally flat, but has three summits, remnants of former volcanic cones appropriately named Atalaia, Tornozelos and Inferno, Atalaia being the highest of the three, reaching 163 m (535 ft) in altitude.[1]

The island has three residents year-round, two park rangers and a biologist.[1]

The island has a lighthouse, which is automated.[2]


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