Seltenbach (Eisbach)

The Seltenbach is a 5.3-kilometre-long (3.3 mi) stream and an orographically right-hand tributary of the Eisbach in the northeastern part of the Palatine Forest in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

Palatine Forest
Reference no.DE: 239184
Physical characteristics
 • locationOn the Kleiner Donnersberg near the Nackterhof [de]
 • coordinates49°31′54″N 8°05′20″E / 49.5317472°N 8.0889028°E / 49.5317472; 8.0889028Coordinates: 49°31′54″N 8°05′20″E / 49.5317472°N 8.0889028°E / 49.5317472; 8.0889028
 • elevationca. 282 m above sea level (NHN) [1]
 • location
In Ebertsheim from the right into the Eisbach
 • coordinates
49°34′03″N 8°06′50″E / 49.5674111°N 8.1137722°E / 49.5674111; 8.1137722
 • elevation
ca. 160 m above sea level (NHN) [1]
Length5.41 km (3.36 mi)[2]
Basin size15.833 km2 (6.113 sq mi) [2]
Basin features
ProgressionEisbachRhineNorth Sea
LandmarksVillages: Hettenleidelheim, Ebertsheim


The Seltenbach rises at a height of about 282 m above sea level (NHN) northwest of the hamlet of the Nackterhof [de] which belongs to the municipality of Neuleiningen. The source on the northwestern slope of a 320 m-high hill, called the Kleiner Donnersberg, lies on the territory of the municipality of Hettenleidelheim. The stream initially flows in a north-northwesterly direction along the B 47 federal highway and enters the eastern edge of the built-up area of Hettenleidelheim, before it bends away to the northeast. In its subsequent course it draws closer and closer to the Eisbach and finally passes through the southeastern part of Ebertsheim. East of the village itself the Seltenbach empties into the Eisbach from the right at a height of about 160 m. A few metres below are the mouths of the Rodenbach and the Quirnheimer Bach [de].

Between Ebertsheim and Hettenleidelheim the Ebertsheim–Hettenleidelheim railway [de] used to run parallel to the Seltenbach.

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