Self-Portrait (Bol)

Self-Portrait is a c.1669 oil on canvas painting by Ferdinand Bol, now in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.[1] Showing the artist in an embroidered robe leaning on a small sculpture of Cupid, it is thought to have been painted on the occasion of his second marriage to Anna van Erckel in 1669.

Ferdinand Bol - Self-Portrait - WGA2366.jpg

It is probably the self-portrait mentioned in the probate records relating to the artist's unmarried son Elbert, though it is unknown to whom it was bequeathed. It was sold as lot number 9 at a Weduwe C. Roos auction of the collection owned by a man named Wreesman on 17 August 1818. It was bought by Albertus Brondgeest, who left it to its current owner in 1849.[2]

Exhibition historyEdit

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