Seiryō-ji (清凉寺) is a Buddhist temple in the Saga district of Ukyō-ku, Kyoto, Japan. It is also known as Saga Shaka-dō. It is devoted to the practice of Yuzu Nembutsu. Initially, the temple belonged to the Kegon sect; then it became a Pure Land temple. The honzon is an image of Gautama Buddha (Shaka-nyorai). The wooden statue is a National Treasure of Japan, and is an example of a hibutsu. Seiryō-ji also possesses National Treasure statues of the Amitābha (Amida) trinity, and other National Treasures and Important Cultural Properties.[1][2]

The tomb of Minamoto no Tōru, sometimes mentioned as the model for Hikaru Genji in important Japanese literary classic The Tale of Genji, resides here.

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Coordinates: 35°1′24.57″N 135°40′27.44″E / 35.0234917°N 135.6742889°E / 35.0234917; 135.6742889