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Secrets of a Windmill Girl is a 1966 British exploitation film directed by Arnold L Miller. It recounts the road to ruin of a young woman (Pauline Collins) who becomes involved with the striptease scene after becoming a dancer at the Windmill Theatre in London.[1][2][3] The film features fan dances by former Windmill Theatre Company performers.[4] It was originally released in Britain as part of a double bill with Naked as Nature Intended.[5]

Secrets of a Windmill Girl
"Secrets of a Windmill Girl" (1966).jpg
British quad poster
Directed byArnold L Miller
Produced byArnold L Miller
Stanley A. Long
Michael Klinger
Tony Tenser
Written byArnold L Miller
StarringPauline Collins
April Wilding
Renée Houston
Derek Bond
Harry Fowler
Peter Gordeno
Music byMalcolm Lockyer
CinematographyStanley A. Long
Distributed byCompton
Release date


Critical receptionEdit

A reviewer in TV Guide wrote that "the premise of this film is compelling, but the treatment is empty-headed";[6] and The Spinning Image asked, "and those hoping for titillation? As with so much of the sexually-themed cinema of this (British) nation, they were offered it with a moralistic angle, as if telling the audience off for their prurience."[7]


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