Secrets of a Nurse

Secrets of a Nurse is a 1938 film directed by Arthur Lubin and starring Edmund Lowe, Helen Mack, and Dick Foran.[2][3]

Secrets of a Nurse
Directed byArthur Lubin
Produced byBurt Kelly
Written byLester Cole
Tom Lennon
Based onstory "West Side Miracle" by Quentin Reynolds
StarringEdmund Lowe
Helen Mack
Dick Foran
Distributed byUniversal Pictures
Release date
2 December 1938
Running time
75 mins
CountryUnited States

Universal liked the film so much, they assigned Lubin to make Forgotten Boys a film about young men facing unemployment out of college. (It appears this film was never made).[4]




The film was based on a magazine story by Quentin Reynolds, "West Side Miracle". Universal purchased the screen rights in July 1936.[5] Arthur Lubin signed to direct in September 1938.[6] Filming started 26 September.[7][8]


The Christian Science Monitor said it was "Abundant in negative qualities".[9] The new York Times said it had an "Exhaustive collection of melodramatic coincidences."[10]


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