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Secretary of State of Vermont

The Office of the Secretary of State of Vermont is located at 128 State Street.

The Secretary of State of Vermont is one of five cabinet-level constitutional officers in the U.S. state of Vermont which are elected every two years. The Office of the Secretary of State is located at 128 State St. in Montpelier. The current Secretary of State is James C. Condos, a Democrat.

The agency, headed by the Vermont Secretary of State, manages several divisions and departments including:

  • The State Archives Division is charged with preserving and keeping accessible all state records. The State Archives preserve documents going back to the state's founding as the Vermont Republic in 1777.
  • The Office of Professional Regulations licenses and regulates 39 professional occupations to protect the state's citizens from incompetent, unethical, and unprofessional behavior.
  • The Elections Divisions administers Vermont's elections, works to protect the integrity of the democratic process, registers voters, coordinates administration of the Voter's Oath, oversees campaign finance reporting, and implements Vermont's lobbyist disclosure laws.
  • The Corporations Division registers business entities and is the filing repository for Uniform Commercial Code filings for the state of Vermont.
  • The Notary Resource Center oversees Vermont's notaries public.

The Secretary of State's Office is also responsible for the filing and publication of administrative rules by all state agencies.

The office of Secretary of State pre-dates Vermont statehood in 1791. Prior to 1884 the Secretary of State was chosen in a vote of the Vermont General Assembly. The first Secretary of State chosen by the voters of the state was Charles W. Porter.

List of Vermont Secretaries of StateEdit

# Secretary of State Picture Term Party
1 Thomas Chandler, Jr. 1778 No party affiliation
2 Joseph Fay 1778–1781 No party affiliation
3 Micah Townshend 1781–1788 No party affiliation
4 Roswell Hopkins 1788–1802 Federalist Party
5 David Wing Jr. 1802–1806 Federalist Party
6 Thomas Leverett 1806–1813 Democratic-Republican Party
7 Josiah Dunham 1813–1815 Federalist Party
8 William Slade, Jr.   1815–1823 Democratic-Republican Party
9 Norman Williams   1823–1831 National Republican
10 Timothy Merrill 1831–1836 Anti-Masonic
11 Chauncey L. Knapp   1836–1841 Anti-Masonic
12 Alvah Sabin   1841–1842 Whig
13 James McMillan Shafter 1842–1849 Whig
14 Farrand F. Merrill 1849–1853 Whig
15 Daniel Pierce Thompson   1853–1855 Liberty (Whig affiliated)
16 Charles W. Willard   1855–1857 Republican
17 Benjamin W. Dean 1857–1861 Republican
18 George W. Bailey Jr. 1861–1865 Republican
19 George Nichols   1865–1884 Republican
20 Charles W. Porter 1884–1890 Republican
21 Chauncey W. Brownell   1890–1898 Republican
22 Fred A. Howland   1898–1902 Republican
23 Frederick G. Fleetwood   1902–1908 Republican
24 Guy W. Bailey   1908–1917 Republican
25 Frederick G. Fleetwood   1917–1919 Republican
26 Harry A. Black   1919–1923 Republican
27 Aaron H. Grout   1923–1927 Republican
28 Rawson C. Myrick 1927–1947 Republican
29 Helen E. Burbank 1947–1949 Republican
30 Howard E. Armstrong 1949–1965 Republican
31 Harry H. Cooley 1965–1969 Democratic
32 Richard C. Thomas 1969–1977 Republican
33 James A. Guest   1977–1981 Democratic
34 James H. Douglas   1981–1993 Republican
35 Donald M. Hooper 1993–1995 Democratic
36 James F. Milne 1995–1999 Republican
37 Deborah Markowitz 1999–2011 Democratic
38 James C. Condos   2011–present Democratic

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