Second to Die

Second to Die is a thriller film released in 2002. The film stars Erika Eleniak, Jerry Kroll, and Colleen Camp. Its tagline was "One murder is never enough".

Second to Die
Directed byBrad Marlowe
Produced byPaula Silver
Lara Levicki-Lavi
Written byGeorge Morgan
Anita Doohan
Adrienne Armstrong
StarringErika Eleniak
Jerry Kroll
Colleen Camp
Kimberly Rowe
John Wesley Shipp
Paul Winfield
Music byAndrew Dorfman
CinematographyMoshe Levin
Edited byGena Bleier
Pam Wise
Release date
  • April 23, 2002 (2002-04-23)
Running time
89 minutes
CountryUnited States


Sara Bratchett (Eleniak) is a woman who thinks the murder of her husband (John Wesley Shipp) will solve all her problems. However, she realizes that it won't be enough.

Her sister, Amber, finds her diary after Sara is found dead. Through the pages, flashbacks are seen to Sara's marriage, the death of her husband, her second marriage, and a twist ending that exposes the truth behind all the relationships.

Her first husband has a "second to die" life insurance policy, where the beneficiary receives the money after both people die—in this case, both Sara and her husband.

After the plane explosion, Sara marries her husband's friend, "Scooch" Scucello. What she doesn't know is that he's involved with her neighbor, Cynthia, who is seen putting on a wig. Her wig becomes crucial later on.

"Scooch" arranges Sara's death in search of the three million dollar payout. The showdown between husband and wife ends with Sara shot dead and floating in the pool. The sister is shown reading the journal discovering that her sister is really alive; and the movie ends with her traveling to meet her in New York. [1]



The film was shot in Los Angeles, California.


The film was first released on video in Spain. Later, on April 23, 2002, the film was released in United States.


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