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Second inauguration of Thomas Jefferson

The second inauguration of Thomas Jefferson as President of the United States took place on Monday, March 4, 1805 in the Senate Chamber of the United States Capitol. The inauguration marked the commencement of the second four-year term of Thomas Jefferson as President and the first four-year term of George Clinton as Vice President. Giving the oath of office was Chief Justice John Marshall. Jefferson wore a black suit and silk stockings for the inauguration.[1]

Second Presidential Inauguration of Thomas Jefferson
DateMarch 4, 1805; 214 years ago (1805-03-04)
LocationUnited States Capitol,
Washington, D.C.
ParticipantsPresident of the United States, Thomas Jefferson
Assuming office
Chief Justice of the United States,
John Marshall
Administering oath
Vice President of the United States
George Clinton
Assuming office

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