Second cabinet of Abdullah Ensour

The prime minister of Jordan, Abdullah Ensour, formed his second cabinet in March 2013. The new cabinet was sworn in before King Abdullah II on 30 March 2013.[1] On 23 April 2013, the parliament approved the cabinet with 83 votes in favor and 65 votes against.[2]

Second cabinet of Abdullah Ensour
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77th Cabinet of Jordan
FM Urmas Paet met with the Prime Minister of Jordan Abdullah Ensour in Amman. 9.01.2013 (8364907805).jpg
Date formed23 April 2013
People and organisations
Head of stateKing Abdullah
Head of governmentAbdullah Ensour
Member partyIndependent
PredecessorFirst cabinet of Ensour

It is the 77th government of Jordan.[3] In addition, it is the thirteenth government formed during the reign of King Abdullah who ascended to the throne in 1999.[1]


The cabinet was initially made up of 19 members.[4] The number of portfolios in the first cabinet of Ensour was 21.[1]

Of the cabinet members excluding Ensour, four retained their previous posts in the first cabinet. Nine of the cabinet members are newcomers, while five served in other cabinets. There is only one woman in the cabinet, Reem Abu Hassan who was appointed minister of social development.[5] None of the cabinet members are member of the parliament.[5]


On 21 August, the cabinet was reshuffled and five ministers left office: Mohammad Wahsh (Education), Mohammad Qudah (Awqaf and Islamic affairs), Mujalli Mhailanm (Health), Malek Kabariti (Energy and mineral resources) and Barakat Awajan (Culture).[6] In addition, the number of cabinet members was increased to 27.[6]

A further reshuffle occurred 2 March 2015, with five new ministers joining the cabinet while four left. Imad Fakhoury was named minister of planning and international cooperation, Maha Ali Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply, Nayef Al Fayez minister of tourism and antiquities, Labib Khadra minister of higher education and scientific research, and Majd Shweikeh was named minister of information and communications technology.[7]

The ministers that left were: Mohammad Hamed of energy and mineral resources, Hatem Halawani of industry, trade and supply, Amin Mahmoud of higher education and Azzam Sleit of information and communications technology. Ibrahim Saif took over the post of energy.[7] Furthermore, Mohammad Thneibat and Nasser Judeh were appointed deputy prime minister while keeping their own posts.[7]

On 19 May 2015 Salameh Hammad replaced Interior Minister Hussein Al-Majali who had resigned two days before.[8]

Cabinet membersEdit

As of August 2013, the members of the cabinet is as follows:[6]


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