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Second Conference on the Epistemology of the Exact Sciences

The Second Conference on the Epistemology of the Exact Sciences was held on 5–7 September 1930 in Königsberg, then located in East Prussia. It was at this conference that Kurt Gödel first presented his incompleteness theorems.[1]

The conference was organised by Kurt Reidemeister of the University of Königsberg.[1] The presentations were grouped around two themes: firstly, the foundation of mathematics and secondly philosophical questions arising from Quantum mechanics.[2] The conference was closely related to the journal Erkenntnis who published the associated papers and accounts of the discussion in Erkenntnis (1931), 2 pp 87-190.

The foundation of mathematicsEdit

The presentations as regards the foundation of mathematics were as follows:[2]

Session 1:

Session 2:

Session 3:

Discussion on the foundation of mathematics involving Hans Hahn, Carnap, Heyting, von Neumann, Gödel, Scholz and Reidemeister

Philosophical questions arising from quantum mechanicsEdit

There were two key presentations.[2]

Session 4:

  • Hans Reichenbach, Berlin, presented on the supercession of two-value logic by probability logic
  • Werner Heisenberg, Leipzig, presented on the meaninglessness of strict assertions about natural phenomena at the micro level.

Session 5:

Discussion on Causality and Quantum Mechanics involving Gerhard Herzberg, Heisenberg, Phillip Frank, Maria Goeppert Mayer, Steinhausen[disambiguation needed], Georg Hamel, von Neumann, Kurt Grelling, Reichenbach.


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