Second All-Ukrainian Congress of Soviets

Second All-Ukrainian Congress of Soviets (Ukrainian: Другий Всеукраїнський з'їзд Рад) was a congress of soviets (councils) of workers, peasants, Red-army-men deputies that took place in Katerynoslav (Dnipro) on March 17-19, 1918.


There were 964 delegates. By the end of congress number of delegates increased to 1,250.

  • Bolsheviks - 401
  • Bolshevik supporters - 27
  • Left SRs (Russia and Ukraine, with supporters) - 414
  • USDLP (left wing) - 13
  • Unaffiliated - 82
  • others - 25

The presidium composition was:[1]
Skripnik, Ivanov, Kviring, Gamarin[k], Terletsky, Odoyevsky, Boichenko, Tkachinsky, Serdiuk, Medvedev.

  • Bolsheviks - 4
  • Left SRs (Russia) - 5
  • Left SRs (Ukraine) - 1



Despite the sharp interfactional struggle all Bolshevik's resolution have passed.

  • the congress approved the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
  • the congress declared independence of Ukraine and also announced that relationships of the Soviet republics will remain within the limits identified earlier
  • (current moment) the congress condemned the policy of Central Council of Ukraine demanding withdrawal of the Austria-Germany troops from the territory of Ukraine and calls were placed to combat the widespread establishment of Soviet power. Representatives of left wing Ukrainian parties were proposing to seek a compromise with the Central Council of Ukraine with aim to consolidate national forces, but the majority did not support their propositions
  • the congress passed a law about socialization of land that was adopted at the 3rd All-Russian Congress of Soviets, resolutions "About political system", decrees on 8-hour workday and workers' control, about organization of the Red Army of Ukraine

The congress elected 102 members to the Central Executive Committee (CVK):

  • Bolsheviks - 47
  • SRs (Russia and Ukraine) - 49
  • left USDLP - 5
  • Lewica - 1

Volodymyr Zatonsky was elected Chairman of the CVK.

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