A seat is a place to sit. The term may encompass additional features, such as back, armrest, head restraint but also headquarters in a wider sense.

Seats at a British railway station

Types of seatEdit

The following are examples of different kinds of seat:


The word seat comes from Middle English sete, Old English gesete/geseten and/or sǣte seat, sittan to sit. Possibly related to or cognate with Old Norse sæti. The first known use of the word seat is in the 13th century.[1]


For someone seated, the 'buttock popliteal' length is the horizontal distance from the rearmost part of the buttocks to the back of the lower leg.[2] This anthropometric measurement is used to determine seat depth. Mass-produced chairs typically use a depth of 15 to 16 inches (38.1 to 40.6 cm).[citation needed]

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