Sean Patrick Reiley (born June 15, 1976),[1] better known as Seanbaby, is an American writer and video-game designer best known for his comedy website and frequent contributions to video game media outlets Electronic Gaming Monthly and, as well as the humor website[2][3][4]

Seanbaby, on the left, at E3 in 2003 with a fan
Seanbaby, on the left, at E3 in 2003 with a fan
BornSean Patrick Reiley
(1976-06-15) June 15, 1976 (age 45)
OccupationComedy writer, columnist
Alma materUniversity of Idaho
GenreSatire, fratire

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Seanbaby's original website houses many reviews of old video games, a substantial section on the old Super-Friends cartoon, critiques on old DC comics, a collection of Hostess Pie ads (with commentary),[5] sarcastic commentary on Christian fundamentalists and hipsters, examples of poorly translated English, reviews of bad movies and comics, ineffective or overblown self-defense techniques, current events, and a photo gallery of himself with friends.

Seanbaby was a frequent writer for Electronic Gaming Monthly.[6] In addition to his reviews and other content, he wrote a monthly column concerning bad games entitled "Rest of The Crap." He was a frequent contributor on the popular gaming website, where his EGM work was posted. He provides commentary on bad games for 1UP's Broken Pixels show. He also writes a column called "The Final Last Word" for The Wave magazine of Silicon Valley.

He was also a writer for the short-lived MTV2 animated comedy show The Adventures of Chico and Guapo.[6] He has returned to regularly updating and began writing as a columnist for[7] Apart from the typical "listicles" of, Seanbaby's articles also include parodical comics, usually golden-age comicbooks with altered dialogue, and the running gag of 1930's ice-cream mascot "Popsicle Pete" being characterized as a supernatural monster. In 2020, he and fellow Cracked veteran Robert Brockway began publishing a collection of comedy articles supported by Patreon subscribers.


Seanbaby is the creator of the mobile game Calculords, which combines elements of lane attack, collectible card games, and math puzzles.[8][9] According to Sean, "Calculords is a weird idea that I’d never get to see unless I made it".[3]

A sequel, Calculords 2: Rise of the Shadow Nerd, has been announced.[10]



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