Sea Robin XFC

Sea Robin XFC is a submarine launched Unmanned Aerial Vehicle platform that the United States Naval Research Laboratory is testing. Expected launches will be from Seawolf, Los Angeles and Virginia class submarines

Role Submarine-launched UAV
Manufacturer U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
First flight 2013
Introduction 2013
Primary user United States Navy
Number built 1

Contractor Oceaneering developed the launch canister system.[1]

Experimental Fuel Cell UAV (XFC)Edit

The platform launches an experimental fuel cell UAV or XFC UAV from a torpedo tube of a nuclear submarine and stealth UAV being tested is an eXperimental fuel cell using hydrogen.[1]

The UAV wings unfolded after launch into a X wing format. The UAV has a propeller in the rear and a camera dome in front.

The system was tested from USS Providence in late 2013.[2]