Scripta Mathematica

Scripta Mathematica was a quarterly journal published by Yeshiva University devoted to the philosophy, history, and expository treatment of mathematics.[1] It was said to be, at its time, "the only mathematical magazine in the world edited by specialists for laymen."[2]

Scripta Mathematica
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The journal was established in 1932 under the editorship of Jekuthiel Ginsburg, a professor of mathematics at Yeshiva University,[3] and its first issue appeared in 1933[2] at a subscription price of three dollars per year.[4] It ceased publication in 1973. Notable papers published in Scripta Mathematica included work by Nobelist Percy Williams Bridgman concerning the implications for physics of set-theoretic paradoxes,[5] and Hermann Weyl's obituary of Emmy Noether.[6][7]

Some sources describe Scripta Mathematica as having been assigned ISSN 0036-9713[8] but it ceased publication prior to the establishment of the ISSN system.


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