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Screamfeeder is an Australian indie guitar pop group formed in Brisbane in 1991 with Tony Blades on drums, Kellie Lloyd on bass guitar and vocals and Tim Steward on guitar and vocals. In 1995 Dean Shwereb replaced Blades on the drums. Darek Mudge joined on lead guitar from 2001 to 2005, and rejoined in 2014. Screamfeeder have released seven studio albums, Flour (June 1992), Burn Out Your Name (August 1993), Fill Yourself With Music (1995), Kitten Licks (1996), Rocks on the Soul (2000), Take You Apart (2003) and Pop Guilt (2017).

OriginBrisbane, Queensland, Australia
Years active1991 (1991)–present
  • Survival
  • Hypnotized/Shock
  • Rhythm Ace
  • Four Four (ABC)
Associated acts
  • The Madmen
Past members
  • Tony Blades
  • Mike Squire
  • Steph Hughes



In August 1991 Screamfeeder were formed as an indie guitar pop group in Brisbane by Tony Blades on drums and vocals, Kellie Lloyd on bass guitar and vocals and Tim Steward on guitar and vocals.[1] Blades and Steward had been members of the Madmen, which they formed in 1988 in Townsville with Bruce Gardner on guitar and vocals and Jeff Johnson on bass guitar.[1] In 1989 Cam Hurst replaced Johnson on bass guitar and Gardner left. They released three singles and an extended play, Thunder Egg (1990), on their own label, Stone Groove.[1][2] The Madmen toured Queensland numerous times, before relocating to Brisbane in 1989. When Hurst was replaced by Lloyd the trio became Screamfeeder.[1] Lloyd had previously made a filmclip for The Madmen, Tower.[citation needed].

Screamfeeder signed with Sydney-based label, Survival Records, and issued their debut studio album, Flour, in June 1992.[3] One track, "Walking Through the Village", had been recorded back in June 1990 by the Madmen, with Hurst on bass guitar, at Pyramid Studios and was co-produced by Steward and Murray Nash.[4] The other tracks were recorded between November 1991 and the following January at Vibrafeel Studios with Mick Borkowski as producer, audio engineer and mastering engineer.[4]

The Canberra Times' correspondent opined, in January 1993, that Flour "captured the raw sound of Screamfeeder while displaying the inherent depth, feeling and power within the music. Influences within Screamfeeder range from Swervedriver to Hüsker Dü to Bitch Magnet and beyond. The songs on the album forge a path of intense feeling, crossing the ground from sublime melodies to sonic punishment."[2] Flour was remastered and re-released in 2014 by Melbourne-based, Poison City Records.[4]

Their second album, Burn Out Your Name, appeared in August 1993.[1] It provided the single, "Fingers and Toes", in the same month.[1] Pemberton Roach of AllMusic described their sound "it's pretty clear from the album's first song that the group has put in some serious hours listening to Hüsker Dü records. From the ringing distorto guitar to the throat-slashing, top-of-the-range Bob Mould-esque vocals, Screamfeeder has the Minnepolis [sic] trio's sound down better than anyone this side of Overwhelming Colorfast."[5]

In 1995, Dean Shwereb replaced Tony Blades on the drums, and the band toured to promote Fill Yourself With Music and wrote and recorded Kitten Licks.[1] In 2007 Steph Hughes briefly filled-in for Dean Shwereb on drums. Mike Squire played harmonica on Fill Yourself With Music and lead guitar in 1999 and 2000. Darek Mudge played lead guitar from 2001 - 2005 and intermittently from then on. Live members have also included Doug Arnott.

Screamfeeder toured Europe with Screaming Tribesmen and The Chevelles in 1993, performed at the Big Day Out in 1994, 1997, 1998 and 1999 and have supported acts such as Rollins Band, Sonic Youth, Ride and Pavement.[1]

During the 1990s, indie and grunge rock increased in popularity throughout the world and Screamfeeder was part of the rise of independent Australian rock. The musical style and influences on each Screamfeeder album are distinct, from retro pop-rock, low-fi indie, to guitar-driven alternative.



  • Flour (June 1992)
  • Burn Out Your Name (August 1993)
  • Fill Yourself with Music (1995)
  • Kitten Licks (1996)
  • Rocks on the Soul (2000)
  • Take You Apart (2003)
  • Pop Guilt (2017)


  • Seven Year Glitch (1996) A collection of live recordings, rarities, non-album tracks and pre-Screamfeeder songs.
  • Introducing: Screamfeeder (2004) A collection of singles and almost singles.
  • Cargo Embargo (B Sides & More) (2011) - digital release only, A collection of all the band's b sides and selected songs which appeared on non-Australian versions of albums.

Live ReleasesEdit


  • Felicitator (1994)
  • Closing Alaska (1997)
  • Home Age (1999)
  • Delusions of Grandchildren (2005)


  • Fingers and Toes (August 1993)
  • Fill Yourself With Music (1995)
  • Who's Counting?/Sweet Little Oranges (1995)
  • Dart (1996)
  • Static (1996)
  • Gravity (1996)
  • Triple Hook (1998)
  • Hi Cs (1998)
  • Above The Dove (2000)
  • Stopless (2000)
  • Mr Tuba (2001)
  • Ice Patrol (2003)
  • 12345 (2003)
  • I Don't Know What To Do Any More (2003)
  • Bunny (2004)
  • Alone In A Crowd (2015)
  • All Over It Again (2016)
  • Karen Trust Me (2016)

Other appearancesEdit

  • The Screamfeeder track "Hi Cs" was on the Happenin' Chick Fanzine Issue #3 compilation CD in 1998.
  • The song "Hole of Blood" was on the Crack In The Sun Or Fade In The Shade compilation CD in 1992.
  • Recovery (ABC TV) 1998 - Screamfeeder performed 2 songs, Hi Cs and Triple Hook. Other Recovery performances included: Static, Gravity, and a stint as the house band.
  • Screamfeeder guest programmed the ABC's music video all-nighter RAGE whilst on tour on Aug 9th 1997.
  • The song "Snail Trail" was featured in Quarantine, a cyberpunk game produced by GameTek, Inc. in 1994.
  • The song "Wrote You Off" from the Burn Out Your Name album was featured in "The Kuepper File - Australian and Loud" in 1995.
  • Survival Tour EP (1993), featured Terminal, also included recordings by Screaming Tribesmen, The Chevelles, Lung, Front End Loader and Hoss.


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