Scottish Typographical Association

Scottish Typographical Association was a labour union representing typesetters in Scotland.[2][3][4] It was founded in 1853. In 1974, it merged with the Society of Graphical and Allied Trades (SOGAT).[5][6][7]

Scottish Typographical Association
Merged intoSociety of Graphical and Allied Trades
  • Scotland
3,925 (1907[1])
AffiliationsTUC, STUC, P&KTF

The formation of the union was organised by the Glasgow Typographical Society, although it incorporated local societies in other Scottish burghs. Membership gradually rose, reaching 4,700 in 1910. The union was a founding member of the Printing and Kindred Trades Federation and, following a demarcation decision of the federation in 1928, it organised only assistants in case and machine rooms in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow, but all typographical workers in the rest of Scotland.[8]

The union changed its name to the Scottish Graphical Association in 1973, but merged into SOGAT shortly afterwards.[8]

General SecretariesEdit

1853: John Baird[9]
1859: William Govan[9]
1871: George Craig[9]
1872: Simon Martin[9]
1874: John Battersby[9]
1887: Robert Johnstone[9]
1893: John Templeton[9]
1911: John White[9]
1913: James Brown[9]
1917: John Watt[9]
1921: Robert Watson[9]
1942: Robert H. Lean[9]
1951: Harry Girdwood[9]
1961: Peter Whigham[9]


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