Scorpion silent pistol

The Scorpion (Georgian: მორიელი) silent pistol is a special purpose suppressor integrated weapon which was designed by STC Delta solely for special operation forces. It was introduced in 2012 along with other new side arms.[1]

Scorpion silent pistol
9×17mm Scorpion Silent Pistol of STC Delta (Georgia).jpg
TypeSilent semi-automatic pistol
Place of origin Georgia
Service history
Used by Georgia
Production history
ManufacturerSTC Delta
Mass1200 g (with magazine)
Length195 mm (without attached suppressor)

Cartridge9 × 17 mm
(.380 ACP)
Effective firing range25–50 m
Maximum firing rangeN/A
Feed system15-round magazine
SightsFixed, iron sights


For the development the best features of similar type weapons were taken into consideration. The primary distinction between the Scorpion and regular semi-automatic pistols is the integrated noise dampening or suppressor system which is further extended by attachable silencers. Unlike similar models it has a large magazine capacity while being slightly longer and heavier. It uses 9 mm Kurz Browning cartridges and fires in semi-automatic mode.


Because of its designated purpose the Scorpion is intended to be used only by military or other services selected units and special forces. It is not for civilian use.

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