Schulz & Schulz

Schulz & Schulz is a TV series consisting of five feature-length films starring Götz George in a dual role as twin brothers Wolfgang and Walter Schulz who were separated during World War II and then raised in different parts of Germany. The first film was broadcast while the German Democratic Republic still existed. In the aftermath following the fall of the Berlin wall many new topics arose. The instalments showed how difficult it was for a great many citizens of the German Democratic Republic to get accustomed to the new way of life and how German people tried to overcome all of that together.

Schulz & Schulz
Created byKrystian Martinek
Neithardt Riedel
StarringGötz George
ComposersAndreas Köbner
Stefan Traub
Mario Lauer
Country of originGermany
Original languageGerman
No. of episodes5
Camera setupFrank Brühne
Ulrich Krafzik
David Slama
Lutz Konermann
Martin Peglau
Running time90


Character Actor Episode
Walter Schulz
Wolfgang Schulz
Götz George All
Erika Marlen Diekhoff All
Britta Martina Gedeck All
Seibt Klaus J. Behrendt All
Erwin Gerhard Garbers All
Guenther Werner Schwuchow All
Alexander Bodo Frank All
Dorothee Sybille Waury 1–4
Jochen Krystian Martinek All
Ma Schulz Carmen Molinar All
Wally Irmgard Riessen 2–5
hooligan Moritz Bleibtreu 5
waiter Eberhard Feik 1 (cameo)

Overview of all episodesEdit

Title Air date
1 "Schulz & Schulz" December 10, 1989
Walter Schulz, who lives in the German Democratic Republic, discovers by accident that his brother Wolfgang is alive in the other German state. He manages to meet him and they decide to take advantage of the obvious fact that they still resemble each other. They switch identities, only successively realising how much life in northern Germany differs.
2 "Aller Anfang ist schwer" March 31, 1991
Walter Schulz comes with his wife and his two children to Hamburg and his brother supports him while he is starting his own business. Yet Walter's former superior Guenther sabotages him by accusing him falsely of having been a Stasi informer
3 "Wechselspiele" April 13, 1992
Both brothers are still struggling with their different past. Wolfgang is about to marry Britta and Walter is still struggling with Guenther's schemes
4 "Neue Welten, alte Lasten" December 27, 1992
Wolfgang tries to convince Walter to become a politician in Stralsund but Walter resists because he is appalled that former Stasi employee Guenther is very successful in reunited Germany.
5 "Fünf vor zwölf " December 22, 1993
While Walter becomes a pub owner his son happens to get under the influence of hooligans

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