The Schempp-Hirth Quintus is a single-seat 23 metre Open-Class glider built by Schempp-Hirth[1]

Role Open-Class sailplane
National origin Germany
Manufacturer Schempp-Hirth
First flight December 23, 2011
Number built 15 (as at Feb 2016)

Development edit

The Quintus and the Lange Antares 23E were developed in a joint venture between Lange Aviation GmbH and Schempp-Hirth. The two aircraft share a common wing design and the companies have agreed to coordinate marketing. The 18m inner section of the wing was developed by Lange with the assistance of Professor Loek Boermans of the Delft University of Technology. The outer sections have Maughmer winglets. The wings' moulds have also been used for the Lange Antares H3 experimental fuel-cell aircraft. The biggest differences between Antares 23 E and Quintus are the fuselages and the propulsion units. Lange Aviation have installed an electric system whereas the Quintus has a SOLO 2625-02i combustion engine.

At 58 kg/m2 the Quintus has a wing-loading 20% higher than its predecessors and its high aspect ratio will give good climb rates in thermals. It will only be available as a self-launcher with a steerable tailwheel.

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Specifications edit

Quintus being flown by Gerrit Kurstjens at Sisteron

General characteristics

  • Crew: One
  • Capacity: 250 kg water ballast
  • Length: 7.83 m (25 ft 6 in)
  • Wingspan: 23.00 m (75 ft 5 in)
  • Wing area: 14.7 m2 (158 sq ft)
  • Aspect ratio: 36
  • Airfoil: Delft DU 97-127/15
  • Empty weight: 500 kg (1,102 lb)
  • Gross weight: 850 kg (1,873 lb)
  • Powerplant: 1 × Solo 2625-02i , 52.2 kW (70 hp)


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