Schaghticoke Powder Company

Schaghticoke Powder Company was a powder mill located in Rensselaer County, New York in the village of Schaghticoke. The powder mill was founded by Josiah Masters and Nicholas Masters in 1813 for the supply of gunpowder during the War of 1812.

Schaghticoke Powder Company
GenreIndustrial Manufacturing
Founded1813 (1813)
  • Josiah Masters
  • Nicholas Masters
Defunct1928 (1928)
SuccessorDuPont de Nemours & Company
Number of locations
Valley Falls, New York
Key people

The Schaghticoke Powder Works was located on the south banks of the Hoosick River approximately a half mile southeast of the Schaghticoke village. The powder works was established on one hundred acres and developed with twenty separate buildings processing special grades of gunpowder. The Schaghticoke Powder Works manufactured sixty thousand powder kegs or one million and five thousand pounds of powder per year. By 1893, the Schaghticoke Works mill was recognize as one of the oldest gunpowder mills in the United States manufacturing various propellant grades for eighty years in the Hudson River Valley.[1]

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