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Scandinavian romanser

The Scandinavian romans, plural romanser, is a classical music art song equivalent to the German Lied, French mélodie or Russian romance.[1]


The term romans is Swedish, plural romanser, and in Swedish (sv:Romans (musik)) applies also to the German Lied.


  1. ^ Jarrett, Sandra (2003). Edvard Grieg and His Songs. p. 17. ISBN 978-0754630036. [These songs] are often as spontaneous as Schubert's, as impassioned as Schumann's, and as finished in art as ... Because virtually no one outside Scandinavia could or would sing in Norwegian, these treasures of our Western song literature have been neglected for many decades. Grieg as a song composer Grieg composed one hundred and eighty romanser (art songs) with piano accompaniment, ...