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Scales of Justice is a three-part Australian drama miniseries, made in 1983 by director Michael Jenkins.[1] It was one of the most controversial Australian mini-series ever produced, examining corruption in all levels of law enforcement.[2]

Scales of Justice
Written byRobert Caswell
Directed byMichael Jenkins
Country of originAustralia
Original language(s)English
No. of episodes3
Producer(s)Michael Carson
Running time227 mins
Original networkABC
Original release20 September –
4 October 1983

Scales of Justice is composed of three self-contained, character-linked dramas. Focusing on the world of Australian law enforcement, vice, drugs, politics and widespread corruption, from street level to the corridors of power, the programme achieved a near-documentary level of realism.

Scales of Justice first screened on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in 1983. Robert Caswell expressed surprise at criticism the series received from police and press.[3]

It was released on DVD in 2005, with a 227 minutes running time.


Act One The JobEdit

While investigating a break-in, Probationary Constable Leonard "Spider" Webber witnesses his senior officer stealing merchandise and is torn between loyalty to his team and his own conscience.


Act Two The GameEdit

Detective Sergeants Ken Draffin and Mike Miles allow their integrity to be compromised by big-time criminal "Nipper" Jackson.


  • Dennis Miller as Detective Sergeant Ken Draffin
  • Tim Robertson as Detective Sergeant Mick Miles
  • Tony Barry as Garth "Nipper" Jackson
  • Don Reid as Assistant Commissioner Phillip Thompson
  • Brian McDermott as Police Minister Ralph Carpenter

Act Three The NumbersEdit

A young attorney-general's actions bring him into conflict with police, senior politicians and major crime bosses.


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