Kris McQuade

Kris McQuade (born 1952) is an Australian actress who has had many film, television and theatre roles.

Film rolesEdit

Her film credits include: The Love Letters from Teralba Road, Kostas, Fighting Back, Lonely Hearts, Goodbye Paradise, The Coca-Cola Kid, Strictly Ballroom, Billy's Holiday, December Boys and Cargo.

Television rolesEdit

Television credits include: Fields of Flame, Fields of Fire, Scales of Justice, Palace of Dreams, Certain Women, Skyways, Punishment, A Country Practice, Home and Away, The Flying Doctors, Boys From The Bush, Love Thy Neighbour in Australia, The Last Resort (1988), Wildside, Grass Roots, Blue Heelers[1], Stingers, Supernova,[2] Wentworth,[3] The Kettering Incident, Rosehaven.


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