Savo Railway Museum

Savo Railway Museum (Finnish: Savon Radan Museo) is a museum located in Pieksämäki, Finland. It presents the history of rail transport. The building was completed in 1889, and the museum opened to the public in 1989.[1]

Savo Railway Museum
Savon Radan Museo
Savo Railway Museum 11.jpg
Established1989 (1989)
LocationPieksämäki, Finland
Coordinates62°18′04″N 027°10′05″E / 62.30111°N 27.16806°E / 62.30111; 27.16806Coordinates: 62°18′04″N 027°10′05″E / 62.30111°N 27.16806°E / 62.30111; 27.16806
Typerailway museum


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