Satyricon (theatre)

Russian state theater "Satyricon" named after Arkady Raikin is a Moscow theater directed by actor Konstantin Raikin, son of Arkady Isaakovich.[1] "Satyricon" was initially founded as the Leningrad Variety and Miniature Theater in 1939. In 1982, the theater moved to Moscow, and from 1987 it was renamed as "Satyricon". Has a large and small stage. In 2013, near the theater opened the Center for Culture, Art and Leisure named after Arkady Raikin, consisting of a shopping and entertainment complex "Raikin Plaza" and the Higher School of Performing Arts. Since August 2015 the building of the theater has been closed for a large-scale reconstruction. Performances of the big stage are going on in the "Planet of KVN" in the house 2 along Sheremetyevskaya street, and the plays of the small stage are in the Training Theater of the Higher School of Performing Arts in the house 6 building 2 on the same Sheremetevskaya street. The facility is planned to be commissioned in 2019.[2]


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