In motorsport, a satellite team is a team related to a larger, better-funded team. This relation may involve ownership, technical support and staff sharing, including drivers.[1] Current examples include NASCAR outfit Wood Brothers Racing, which is currently related to Team Penske,[2] and Formula One teams Scuderia Toro Rosso (supported by Red Bull Racing), Haas F1 Team (supported by Scuderia Ferrari) and Racing Point F1 Team (supported by Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport).

If the larger team is factory-backed (i.e. supported by a manufacturer), then the satellite team is termed a semi-works team. As of 2010, several World Rally Championship teams are semi-works: the Citroën Junior Team is linked to the Citroën World Rally Team, whereas Stobart and Munchi's are supported by the Ford World Rally Team. In MotoGP, factory teams are given the most up-to-date motorcycles and parts, while satellite teams may use the previous season's motorcycle and are given equipment updates only after the factory team has had them. [3]

However, also in MotoGP, certain satellite teams like Pramac Ducati and LCR Honda do have access to up-to-date factory bikes starting on 2018.

Starting 2016, satellite teams may had been giving a trophy as well if they rider are leading the Independent category.


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