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Sarvasena (rc. 330 – c. 355 CE– ) was a king of the Vakataka dynasty and the founder of the Vatsagulma branch of the line. He took on the title of Dharma-maharaja and was likely an accomplished poet in Prakrit. Later writers extolled his lost work, the Harivijaya, and some of his verses were also included in the Gathasattasai. He was succeeded by his son, Vindhyashakti II.[1]

Reignc. 330 – c. 355 CE
HouseVakataka dynasty
Vakataka dynasty
250–500 CE
Ajanta Padmapani.jpg Indischer Maler des 7. Jahrhunderts 001.jpg
Vindhyashakti (250–270)
Pravarasena I (270–330)
Pravarapura–Nandivardhana branch
Rudrasena I (330–355)
Prithivishena I (355–380)
Rudrasena II (380–385)
Prabhavatigupta (regent) (385–405)
Divakarasena (385–400)
Damodarasena (400–440)
Narendrasena (440–460)
Prithivishena II (460–480)
Vatsagulma branch
Sarvasena (330–355)
Vindhyasena (355–400)
Pravarasena II (400–415)
Unknown (415–450)
Devasena (450–475)
Harishena (475–500)


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